Jack “DJ Ed” Edma was born in the United States but lived most of his young life in the Republic of Haiti in the Caribbean. There, he spent his formative years together with his parents and four siblings. It was while growing up in lively Port au Prince, Haiti, that Jack developed a passion for music and an appreciation for its power to influence and inspire across cultures, ethnicities, and borders.


As Jack grew older, his musical tastes evolved, and he developed a finely-tuned ear for rhythm, beat, and melody. He began DJing on his desktop computer at home, without his parents' knowledge, knowing that they would disapprove of his new passion. As his DJing skills increased, Jack realized that his ear for music and beats was a gift that needed to be used outside of the walls of his room. He invested in some basic equipment and began sneaking out of the house to go spin at friends' houses, parties, and small venues. Word got around his neighborhood that he was DJing, and his name started to grow in the community.


The burgeoning artist immigrated to the United States to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. A twist of fate prevented him from going to the school of his choice, and Jack found himself living in Lynchburg, Virginia.


His love for music and performing didn't just end when he left Haiti though, and Jack continued DJing as he began to settle into his new life. He became instant friends with other DJs from the Caribbean in the area, and they allowed him to join in when they went to DJ at different events. Jack's passion was insatiable, and he would DJ in any circumstance: for free, for student-groups, graduation and birthday parties, garage parties, and anything in between. Sometimes, he performed in crowded rooms. Other times, he performed in empty ones. Either way, it didn't matter to him; he just wanted to spin.


It was around this time that Jack's mother tragically passed away back in Haiti. The loss of his mother, seriously impacted DJ Ed, and the artist once again evolved, beginning to view DJing as not only his passion and his art, but a dedication to the life and love of his late mother.


Gradually, his skills as a DJ and genuine love for the art, caught the attention of several key players in Lynchburg who encouraged and supported him as he began to develop his production company: MG Productions, named after his late mother.


MG Productions blossomed quickly, and soon DJ Ed was joined by a group of other DJs, musicians and artists looking for a uniting force to bring them together. MG Productions was soon evolving into much more than a DJ agency and Jack soon found himself recording artists in the studio, producing songs and mixes for a variety of clients, artists and corporations alike. MG began to produce large-scale events in the Lynchburg and Central Virginia area, inviting artists and DJs from around the world, to this small town, where there had previously been only a limited music scene.


Today, MG continues to blaze the trail in music production, event planning, and DJ services in the Central Virginia area and the world. The artist – Jack “DJ Ed” Edma, however, remains true to his passion.


He continues to DJ events, large and small, constantly challenging himself to push musical boundaries, mixing genres, and pleasing audiences across North America. DJ Ed is a constantly evolving and learning artist, and it is never surprising to see him listening in awe to his musical/DJ inspirations, playing the air-keyboard, and taking any chance he can to listen to music.


Now, the young, aspiring artist is an emerging DJ and music producer, using his art as a way to honor his mother and to impact and inspire the world.


© 2017 by DJ Ed.

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